Steve and Denise Butz

Steve & Denise Butz
Steve, Blake, Brandon and Denise Butz

The Butz Family: (left to right) Steve, Blake, Brandon and Denise

Steve and Denise Butz were both lifelong residents of Greensburg, graduating from Greensburg Community High School and active members of the community. They  were hard-working, service-oriented people, always willing to lend a helping hand wherever it was needed. Steve was a member of the Knights of Columbus and helped coach in the youth wrestling program, as well as the Greensburg Junior High Wrestling team. Denise was involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the AIM Buddy Lunch Program, and served on the search committee for the CEO of DCMH.  They were both actively involved members of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, serving on numerous committees, including the St. Mary’s Festival Committee and Christ Renews His Parish.

Of all the success they achieved throughout life, their proudest accomplishments were their two sons, Blake and Brandon. Steve and Denise will forever be remembered as devoted parents, loving family members, and friends to their community and the business worlds in which they were a part.

Denise and Barb were avid walkers while Steve and Don ran on a regular basis. With this in mind, the On Eagle’s Wings 5K Run/Walk was born as a way to remember these four individuals who in their short lifetime positively impacted the community. Join us as we continue their legacy and give back to the Greensburg Community!

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